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New Member Application


    The Columbus Italian Club was founded by a group of local Italian businessmen to encourage and support their fellow members through fellowship and networking while developing social opportunities to celebrate their Italian heritage.


    The CIC Clubhouse is a physical reminder of the time, money, hard work and effort of past members to provide a gathering place that we now call our home.


    As a CIC member you will have the opportunity to meet other men of all ages who have at least one thing in common with you. Our ancestors all were born in the country of Italy. Some of our members were born in Italy and will be able to give you first hand accounts from  the “old country.” Most of us were born in America and must rely on our parents or grandparents to tell us about their trip to “America.” Many members visit Italy and will gladly tell you of their observations and experiences.


    Most of all, the CIC embraces the values of our Italian heritage and emphasizes family, friendships, hard work, fun, food and wine. You will find that the membership will welcome you with open arms and no doubt ask what part of Italy your family comes from and do you speak any Italian.


    If you decide to join, we will be asking you not only to be a member, but to contribute to the CIC in any way you can to make it a better club for the future.


    The future of our club rests with the willingness of its membership to participate in our events and activities.  We hope that you will share your time and talents with all of us as we seek to maintain the legacy we have been given.


    You will soon find that these members, once strangers, have become good friends!


    PLEASE NOTE: You can fill out the online form here New Member Application.